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All the private keys found by our software are encrypted for security reasons, they can only be used on our software and nowhere else.

No, the private key found by our software cannot be used on any other crypto wallet because it is encrypted and can only be used on our software.

KYC or KYCiP simply means Know Your Customer IP. it is a verification process to verify the IP address of the person recovering the funds. (you can look at it as a means to verify you are not a robot).

Don't look at it as payment because the $100 adds to your recovered balance which you will withdraw at the end. The $100 is to verify your IP. When you deposit the $100 our software quickly verify your IP and add the $100 to your recovered balance which you will withdraw.

We accept payments from the following cryptos on our website BTC, LTC, DOGE, DAI, BCH. If you have any other coin other than the one listed above then you can talk to customer service on WhatsApp (+1 828 538 4442) they will send you a wallet with the crypto you want to pay with. but we don't accept ETH payments because of fees unless you will cover the fees.

If our software does not work on your System then we issue you full without questions asked. But if our software recovers your funds and you don't want to do KYC verification, then we cant issue you any refunds.

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