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Recover Your Crypto / Bitcoin / Wallet the Right Way

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It is nearly impossible to recover Lost or Stolen Bitcoin but with the right amount of money, authorization, and tools it is possible to do crypto recovery (reversed crypto).

We have a Specialized team of Developers and software engineers in couple with the right authority/Government power, who have been given legal rights to access the Blockchain Network and use tools, software to enable them to reverse crypto/Bitcoin transactions.

When Bitcoin reached its peaked a few years back, with a single coin reaching around $19,000, heartbreaking stories started circulating about individuals who had tens or hundreds of coins they mined in the early days when coins were worth just a few dollars. Since then, the owners of these coins had lost the private key, or simply thrown away the drive or computer the coins were on. Since then they have been searching for methods on how to recover their lost coins until now there are many companies out there amongst which are fraud companies too, who are able to recover lost or stolen Crypto/Bitcoin (restored back)

Blackaccss is made up of a community of hackers who have joined together and created software that will solve (recover) all the needs of people who own and love cryptocurrency.

We created this software so that we can help people who want to;

1. Find the Private Key of any bitcoin/cryptocurrency address.

2. Recover lost or stolen crypto/bitcoins from any wallet.

We have made the software user-friendly for anyone to be able to use the software with ease by just following simple steps or you can follow our video tutorial on how to use the software to Recover your Lost or Stolen Funds. Should you find any difficulties while using our software after purchase,

you can contact us and we will be willing to help you recover your funds.


Tel: +1 909 452 2942

Telegram: @blackReco

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